Artistic Director Heather Carmichael ASDTA (RAD &  ISTD Member)
The Heather Carmichael School of Dance is committed to  creating an environment that enables children and young people  to learn and develop in a safe, understanding and encouraging  environment.  The School recognises that it is a privilege to work with children  and young people; and that it is also a great responsibility.  Parents/Guardians trust the School to look after their children,  and to care for them, give leadership, and keep them safe. The School will take reasonable steps to ensure that children  and young people are not exposed to a reasonably foreseeable  risk of injury, whether to their physical or mental health. The School is committed to the protection from harm and  safekeeping of all children and young people who attend it's  activities ensuring that staff, assistants and volunteers respond  appropriately should abuse be discovered or disclosed and any  reported incidents of abuse are fully recorded. The School will endeavour to safeguard children and young  people by recognising its ‘Duty of Care', and by adopting child  protection guidelines through: A code of conduct for staff, assistant and volunteers. Establishing clear procedures for complaints and  concerns. Disseminating information to children and young people,  parents/guardians, teachers, other staff, and volunteers  about child protection and good practice with children and  young people Developing links and sharing information about concerns,  with agencies, who need to know, and involving  parents/guardians, children and young people  appropriately. Ensuring that procedures for recruitment and selection of  staff, assistants and volunteers are rigorous, clear, fair and uniformly applied.     Providing effective management for staff and assistants  and volunteers through supervision, support and training. A full copy of the School's Child Protection Policy can be  obtained by application to the Artistic Director.
Artistic Director Heather Carmichael ASDTA (RAD &  ISTD Member)
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