Grandad’s Xmas Story Grandad is wakened from his customary post dinner slumber by his two grandchildren, Martin and Sophie, who   ask him to tell them a story before they go to bed.  Despite being faced with the daunting task of including a long list of apparently unrelated characters specifically requested by Martin and Sophie, Grandad ingeniously combines them in an unconventional but faithful telling of the Christmas Story, the various episodes of which are acted out before them.  Running in parallel excerpts from the Bible are reminders of the more traditional version of the same story.  The play, now released for performance in the United Kingdom, runs approximately 20 minutes and is written such that it can be performed with the minimum of costume and props.  Staging is simple and the play can be performed in any Church or Church Hall.     A wide range of ages can be included in the cast (in the first performance the cast ages ranged from 4  to 62!!). Reading Copies can be purchased from the Publishers for £5.00 which includes all postage and packing (within the UK only). Cheques should be made payable to the author.  Enquiries relating to obtaining a licence for performance or any non UK enquiries should be addressed directly to the Publishers.  The play is published by GARRION ENTERPRISES 8 MUIRHEAD STONEHOUSE LARKHALL LANARKSHIRE ML9 3HQ SCOTLAND to whom all enquiries should be addressed by post  A ‘taster’ copy of the script may be downloaded here About the Author David Carmichael has been involved in all aspects of theatre from pantomime to grand opera as an actor, a stage director and as a playwright.  His one act play ‘If the Slipper Fits’ (directed by the author) won the award for the best original play in the SCDA One Act play festival in 1993.  Further details can be found at his website Made with Xara Web Designer © Garrion Enterprises 2012