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Mine Workings

A complete step by step service

From very earliest times Man has exploited the Earth's valuable minerals by excavating or mining them. Included among these minerals are, most commonly, coal, fireclay, ironstone, sandstone, limestone and salt.  The result of this exploitation has been a legacy of abandoned mine workings, many at shallow depth, and mine shafts, whose precise location and status are, in many cases, unknown. These represent a major potential danger to existing and planned new structures. 

David Carmichael can assist in any or all of the following steps.


Step1:  Desk Study

  • Site Inspection

  • Review of all available geological and mineral information available.

  • Inspection of  British Geological Survey and Coal Authority records

Step 2:  Additional Investigation

  • Design and and on site supervision of additional rotary (openhole or coring) or percussive drilling to confirm and augment the Desk Study findings.

Step 3:   Contract Documentation

  • Preparation of drilling and grouting layout, specification and tender drawings.

  • Issue of tender documents to suitably qualified Contractors, assessment of tenders, and report to Client.

Step 4:  On-Site Supervision

  • Provision of experienced site staff to supervise and monitor mine consolidation operations. 
  • Issue of instructions to contractors on variations to the design of the works in the light of ground conditions encountered.
  • Preparation of record drawings etc. with particular reference to strata encountered and grout takes.
  • Step 5:  Testing and Certification

    • Positions of test holes selected by site staff.

    • Pressure grout tests carried out.

    • Final geotechnical audit of all records

    • Certification of the works




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